City Lander

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Developed and published by Grandstand Software, City Lander is similar to the "Lunar Lander" style games, made famous by Atari's 1979 vector graphics coin-op.

Your job is to land your craft in the zones indicated, granting you the score shown on screen. Touching any surface other than the landing area will cause your craft to crash, as will landing too roughly in the landing area. Your fuel is limited per run, and using your thrusters too frequently or for too long will cause you to run out and crash. You have three lives to achieve a high score.

You control your craft with the following keys:

  • Left arrow: fire your left thrusters (pushing your craft right)
  • Right arrow: fire your right thrusters (pushing your craft left)
  • T: Full thrust downward (slowing your descent, and if done often enough pushing you back upwards)
  • H: Half thrust - like full thrust, but half power and using half the fuel.




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