ARCHIVED NES Colour Results

  • Please note, these results are all out of date due to errors in the testing process. They have been archived, but should not be referred to.



  • Notes
    • AV Famicom luma improved
    • New pre-spotread calibration steps taken before ever palette read
    • Matching absolute luma values of 00, 10 and 20 (20 must match as close as possible, 00 and 10 relative to display's capabilities)
    • This takes MUCH longer as adjustments are made before every palette read, but worth the effort
    • New tests written to mathematically adjust the luma value of every colour to match the reference system
    • This is "inaccurate but fair" - it attempts to allow for variable luminance levels in the palette
    • "Adjusted" dramatically reduces the effect luma differences have on delta E, but as luma affects colour perception, these aren't accurate
    • Non-adjusted values should be considered more accurate, but may not account for the calibration (or lack thereof) of the palette author's display, or the ambient viewing conditions around them
    • This process was lengthy, and I was short on time, so I only bothered with my two (entirely subjectively) favourite palettes. More another day.
  • Hardware
    • Reference system: AV Famicom HVC-101, native CVBS connection
    • Comparison system: MiSTer FPGA NES core v20200620, YPbPr via analogue IO board.
    • Display: CRT, Sony PVM D20L5A
    • Colorimeter: Colormunki Display, model CMUNDIS, firmware version v1.03, firmware date 05Jun12
  • Palette: NES Classic
  • Palette: Smooth