Dick Smith Wizzard

This was a rebranded "VTech CreatiVision" console, released in Australia under the Dick Smith Electronics label as the "Dick Smith Wizzard" console. This page serves as notes on how to play the handful of games it supported via MAME (previously MESS).

More info:

Windows instructions

  • Download MAMEUI64, the graphical version of the MAME/MESS project, and the emulation engine that will play the games.
  • The download uses 7-Zip compression. If you don't have 7-Zip installed, grab it here
  • Decompress the "MameUI64.7z" file somewhere. I chose c:\mame
  • Download the game files here: dsw_files.zip
  • Unzip "dsw_files.zip" into the folder c:\mame\roms (or where ever you decompressed MAME). This will create several smaller .zip files. Leave these uncompressed.
  • Start the "MAMEUI64.exe" programme you decompressed to c:\mame
  • Once started, click File -> Refresh ROMS. This will take a few minutes, and a progress bar will grow along the bottom of the application.
  • Once the scan has finished, right-click "All Systems" and choose "Custom Filter"
  • In the section marked "Description Filter", type "wizzard" (with two "z"s, no quotes), and you should see the "Wizzard (Oceana)" machine appear. Click once to highlight.
  • In the right hand panel, select the "SW Items" tab. You should see all the games listed there.
  • Click the game you want to highlight it
  • Right-Click the "Wizzard (Oceana)" machine, and choose "Run Wizzard (Oceana)".
  • A screen will pop up showing technical information about the emulator. Type the letters "OK" to move on.


  • F10 - reset / start game (needs to be pushed once to start a game from a fresh startup)
  • z - start/confirm game (normally press this after you press F10 for the first time. Games often play a short song before you can start)
  • Arrow keys - control movement up/down/left/right
  • Control - First fire/attack/play button
  • Shift - Second fire/attack/play button

Exiting the game

  • Press "Scroll Lock" to enter partial keyboard emulation mode, then press Escape to exit.
  • If you can't press "Scroll Lock" (say, you have a laptop without that key), try alt-tabbing away from the game, then right-click the running program in the taskbar and clicking exit.