EasyMAMECab CRT Modeline Howto

This site, in my humble opinion, remains the single best guide on explaining how CRTs work. The guide was intented to help people write custom modelines for MAME, however I consider it mandatory reading for anyone wanting to understand CRTs or analogue video signals for such requirements as:

  • Creating analogue video modelines for CRT-focussed emulation projects like GroovyMAME and GroovyArcade
  • Creating profiles for scalers like the RetroTink, OSSC, GBS or Morph devices
  • Creating perfect integer scale resolutions for projects like MiSTer or various Raspberry Pi projects
  • Creating "super resolutions" for modern video cards where pixel clock limitations require scaling the horizontal resolutions
  • Creating perfect line doubled or tripled resolutions for old DOS, console or arcade games on modern high resolution CRTs

My mirror is hosted here:

Please note that it uses Ruffle as a Flash emulator to re-enable the animations. Page 9 of the documentation was originally an interactive PHP page that I have scraped as a static HTML file, so the interactive modeline calcuator on that page won't work.

The original website is here, and all copyright belongs to the original author, and the first page lists the site as being allowed to be copied and redistrubuted under the GNU Free Documentation License:

You can optionally use the Ruffle extension in Google Chrome based browsers to view the original site if you prefer. It's also hosted on The Internet Archive Wayback Machine.