CRT Colour Calibration How-To

Part 1: Colour Theory

Explanations into the theories of colour science, why colour is far more complex than we think, and the tools we can use to calibrate our displays

Part 2: HCFR Intro

A quick look at some free software you can use in combination with a hardware colorimeter

Part 3: Sony PVM Greyscale calibration

Looking at getting the greyscale and white point on a Sony PVM correct.

Part 4: Sony PVM Colour

Continuing with our Sony PVM colour calibration, this time looking at colour and saturation

Part 5: Domestic TV with composite

Looking at a cheap domestic television with limited inputs and controls, and what we can do to improve the colour accuracy

Colorimeters and probes

A couple of colorimeters I use for colour calibration work

PGenerator on a Raspberry Pi

Using the PGenerator software loaded on a Raspberry Pi (supports model 1, 2 or 3 only) to be used as a test pattern generator for colour calibration